Weldon D2015-A Fuel Pump (-8 inlet & outlet)



Weldon D2015-A Fuel Pumps
This pump is ideal for Hi-performance Street/Strip cars, road racing and off-road vehicles

Maximum HP:
1000 hp @ 14V EFI (500 hp on Methanol)
1050 hp @ 14V carb (525 hp on Methanol)

GPH/PSI Range:
85-115 GPH/0-160 PSI

If your actual horsepower is close to the Max HP limit and/or you are considering a power adder, see 2025 Series

* All billet body pumps are 100% serviceable/repairable
* Self Priming
Pump may be mounted above fuel cell
Vertical or horizontal mount
* Breakaway coupling prevents pump/motor damage in the event of contamination
* All internal wear components are 100% metallic
No plastics or composite materials. Our internal pumping elements are made of high speed tool steel and bronze. This results in the longest lasting, highest quality most durable pump available.
* Body machined from billet aluminum
* For carbureted or injected engines
* Provides Consistent Performance with no fall-off in flow
* Precise fuel delivery
* Blades self-compensating for wear
* 5.5 lbs

Current Fluids
Weldon Pump offer the widest range of fuel compatibility.
Gasoline - Methanol - Nitromethane - Diesel - Ethanol - All racing fuels

Requires appropriate bypass regulator, a -6 return line at a minimum is recommended.

Price: $728.36
SKU: D2015-A
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