Weldon 19311-A Sportsman Fuel Pump



Weldon debuts the Sportsman Fuel Pump: their first hand-adjustable pump/bypass combination�lifetime warranty included Cleveland, Ohio: Weldon, the only racing fuel pump maker who uses all-metallic internal pumping components�no plastics or Phenolics permitted�has announced a new and innovative fuel pump with an integral bypassing regulator. Called the Sportsman, it is petite, light weight and supports race engines producing up to 1200 horsepower. Because its internals are made entirely of tool steel, including the pump ring, pump rotor, and pump vanes, the Sportsman�s inner working parts will neither fracture nor deteriorate with heat nor will its flow be impaired when fuel pressure is increased. Operating on 12 to 16 volts this 4.1lb fuel pump has impressive pumping power with surprisingly low amperage draw. Efficiencies in the pumping chamber have a decisive effect on reduced amp draw. Featuring AN-10 inlet and outlet ports and AN-8 bypassing port (all ports chamfered and counter bored for O-ring seals) the Sportsman boasts a Teflon diaphragm with a 1.7 sq. in. surface area. This diaphragm effectively reduces fuel pressure fluctuations and is compatible with all fuels.

Maximum HP: 1200+ hp @ 14 V for Carb engines (600 hp on Methanol)

GPH/PSI Range: 150 gph @ 28 psi


  • "Tool-Free" Integral Relief Valve with 1.7 sq. in. Teflon diaphragm
  • Port Configuration: -10 inlet and outlet with a -8 return port
  • "Self-Priming" -- pump can be mounted above the fuel cell in a vertical or horizontial position
  • "Multi-position" mounting holes to match the BG400, Aeromotive A2000 and Magnafuel Prostar 500
  • All Billet body pumps are 100% serviceable/ repairable
  • All internal pump components are 100% metallic
  • Proprietary pump ring design to enhance fuel flow and minimize the chance of cavitation
  • Pump element is made of high speed tool steel and Mil-spec Hardcoated Aluminum -- no plastics or composite materials used which results in the longest lasting, highest quality, most durable pumps available.
  • For carbureted engines only
  • Precise fuel delivery
  • Provides extremely consistent fuel pressure with no fall-off in flow

    Current Fluids :
    Weldon Pumps offer the widest range of fuel compatibility

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Methanol
  • Ethanol
  • All racing fuels

    Comments: Requires the A2046 Blocking Regulator

    Considerations: If your actual horsepower is close to the Max HP limit and/or you are considering a power adder, See Part # D2035-A or B2311-A

  • Price: $535.00
    SKU: 19311-A