Pressure Transducers vs. Remote Pressure Sensors

Pressure Transducers vs. Remote Pressure Sensors


In many cases, such as pressure channels, racers can choose between Racepak's patented pressure transducers and analog box, or the Vnet remote sensor and accompanying module. The benefits to each component have been outlined below to assist racers in deciding which type of sensor best suits their application.


Conventional-style data recorders differ in the number of analog channels they can support, and the methods in which the sensors are handled by the recorders. In order to provide some consistency, as well as a convenient method of channel expansion, Racepak has created these Pro Analog Transducer Boxes.
A Pro Analog Transducer Box will mount up to four of the drop-in style transducers or signal conditioning modules. Two boxes can be mounted in series allowing a total of eight sensors to be served via one cable. Some recorders have provision for connecting up to four boxes.
Two styles of Pro Analog Transducer Boxes are available. The standard box would be a stand alone box hosting only four transducers. The ‘Pass-Thru’ style is used when two boxes are to be used in series. It has a 13 pin connector on each end to allow the second (standard) box to be Daisy-chained to the Pass-Thru box.
The Pro Analog Boxes are designed to be mounted on a flat surface, but an adapter is available which will allow it to be mounted to a round tube frame rail.
When adding transducer boxes verify that your recorder is configured to handle the added channels. Drop-In style transducers and sensors must be purchased separately.

Pro Analog Transducer Box, Standard 810-MB-4A

Frame Rail Mount Adapter, Pro Analog Box 800-MB-ANA  

Vnet Cable 230-VM-4ANA8


These small and rugged pressure transducers make them ideal for the measurement of pressures directly at the source. The transducer requires 5 volt DC power and provides a .5 to 4.5 volt output signal. Transducers mount using a 1/8” NPT fitting (1/4” NPT on 1500 psi units). Requires an available analog channel and adapter module.

Please note: use caution when mounting the remote pressure sensors to engine and drivetrain components, as these sensitive electronic devices can be damaged by serious vibration, tire shake, etc. Racepak recommends to mount these sensors with a short length of braided or vacuum line, depending on the application.

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