MSD 8253 Blaster HVC II Coil

MSD 8253  Blaster HVC II Coil


MSD engineers drew upon their experience with Top Fuel cars and coils used with our Pro Mag 44 to create the new HVC-2 Coil for use with the MSD 6 Series Ignition Controls. This coil utilizes an iron U-Core design with a segmented bobbin for improved voltage distribution. The bobbin is molded from Dupont Rynite FR946 and wound specifically to create an effective coil with incredible voltage capabilities, lightning quick rise time and lengthy spark duration. The housing, also molded from Rynite material, features far spaced brass primary terminals and a well protected secondary tower for increased spark isolation. The housing is completely potted with an epoxy compound for vibration resistance and installs with sturdy vibration mounts. For use with MSD 6 Series Ignitions. BLASTER HVC II COIL SPECIFICATIONS Primary Resistance: 0.16 ohms Secondary Resistance: 630 ohms Maximum Voltage: 44,000 volts Inductance: 3.5 mH Turns Ratio: 100:1 Peak Current: 450 mA Spark Duration: 450 uS

Price: $249.95
SKU: 8253