MSD 8252 Blaster HVC Coil

MSD 8252  Blaster HVC Coil


The Blaster HVC Coil is right at home on the street or strip. The Coil is designed to produce maximum power with an MSD 6 Series Ignition Control. Special windings and material were chosen by MSD engineers to efficiently produce High Voltage and Current. Low primary resistance allows the coil to take in all of the MSD's energy and instantly step up the voltage combined with a high amount of current. This combination delivers a powerful spark to the plug for complete combustion in the cylinder. The coil windings are encased in epoxy and held secure in a heavy duty aluminum housing. The tall secondary tower accepts an HEI style plug terminal and boot and heavy duty vibration mounts are supplied for a secure mount.
Primary Resistance: 0.2 ohms
Peak Current: 300mA
Secondary Resistance: 1.38K ohms
Spark Duration: 200uS
Maximum Voltage: 42,000 volts
Primary Inductance: 7mH
Turns Ratio: 100:1 Tested with an MSD 6AL measured at plug gap.

Price: $137.95
SKU: 8252