MSD 7222 7AL-2 Plus™ Ignition Control

MSD 7222  7AL-2 Plus™ Ignition Control


The 7AL-2 has been a staple in the drag race community for years. It has now been redesigned with a 40% increase in spark energy! It also features a popular two-step rev control, LEDs for troubleshooting and convenient terminal strips for easy wiring.



  • Built-in two step rev control
  • Operates on 4, 6 or 8-cylinder engines
  • Troubleshooting LED for spark output diagnostics
  • Terminal strips for improved and easier wiring


Spark Energy: 160 mJ/spark
Primary Voltage: 570 Volts
Secondary Voltage: 47,000 Volts
Spark Series Duration: 20 degree Crankshaft Rotation
RPM Range: 14,000 RPM with 14.4 Volts
Voltage Required: 12-18 Volts, Negative Ground
Current Draw: 6 Amps Per 6,000 RPM; 12 Amps at 12,000 RPM
Weight and Size 4.85 lbs.,8.25"L x 3.75"W x 5.75"H
Price: $574.95
SKU: 7222
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