Garrett GTX4508R (81mm) Ball Bearing Turbochargers

GTX 4508R



Horsepower: 700-1250
Displacement: 2.00L-8.00L
Bearing Type Ball
Cooling System Oil & Water Cooled
Wastegated Housing External

Compressor: 108mm, 55 trim, 0.60 A/R
Compressor Inlet: 5” hose connection
Compressor Outlet: V-band connection
Turbine: 87 mm, 85 trim, 1.01, 1.15, 1.28 or 1.44 A/R
Turbine Inlet: Standard T4 4 bolt flange
Turbine Outlet: V-band connection
Center Housing: Water-cooled
Bearing System: Full ball bearing
Wastegate: External gate required.

Other Specs Forged, fully-machined compressor wheel featuring next generation aerodynamics Sold as CHRA & compressor housing; turbine housing options available Ported shroud compressor housing to increase surge resistence Outline interchangeable with the GT4508R

Garrett's latest Dual Ball Bearing GT4094R Turbo assembly. T4 style divided inlet flange with 3.00" V-BAND exit. Large style compressor housing with 4.00" inlet and 2.50"outlet. Great upgrade path (direct fit) for a GT4088R application or any new high HP application that desires the compact package. Good for up 850HP with great top end power and best spoolup for the power range.

-Wheel: 87.0mm w/ 85 trim
-Housing: 1.01, 1.15, 1.28, 1.44 A/R

-Wheel: 108.0mm exd./80.8mm ind w/ 56 trim
-Housing: .69 A/R

GTX4508R Information Sheet
GTX4508R Compresser Chart

GTX4508R Turbine Chart

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