Brake Kits / Components



Strange Engineering offers a variety of brake kits to cover applications from street to strip as well as a wide selection of master cylinders, brake lines, fittings and gauges. Strange has developed its drag race line of brake kits and components by testing and working with championship racers and listening to their demands. With a full line of front and rear brake kit options, Strange offers an extensive selection to accommodate most popular applications.

 - Ford Front Brake Kits
 - GM Front Brake Kits
 - Mopar Front Brake Kits
 - Strut & F/C Steel Front Brake Kits
 - Carbon Front Brake Kits
 - Rear Drum Brake Kits
 - S-Series Rear Brake Kits
 - Pro Steel Rear Brake Kits
 - Pro Steel Dual Rear Brake Kits
 - Carbon Rear Brake Kits
 - Pads
 - Rotors
 - Caliber Kits with Pads
 - Calipers / Rebuild Kits
 - Master Cylinders / Rebuilding Kits
 - Gauges / Valves / Lines / Fittings

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