BigStuff3 BS3-005-037 GEN3 PRO SEFI - Magneto Upgrade


This option will be needed if you are using MSD Magneto Ignition System. The BS3 system will have the ability to completely control the magneto in many different ways: 6-shooter timing, 12-shooter timing, traction control, etc.

BigStuff3 originally developed the 6-shooter specifically for Moran Motorsports for the ability to retard the timing in 6 different steps. Also, in extreme situations, we have the ability to integrate a 12-shooter timing retard. All this is done by the BS3 system directly, no external boxes needed.

This option also allows you to utilize your magneto ignition with any of the BS3 traction control systems, such as electronic torque management or SR2 traction control.

If you need this added to your existing BS3 system, you will need to send us your system. This upgrade usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Price: $135.00
SKU: BS3-005-037