BigStuff3 BS3-005-017 GEN3 PRO SEFI - NTK WB02 for Methanol


The WBO2 for Methanol upgrade integrates a NTK sensor for wide-band methanol control down to 2.9:1 A/F ratio.

This upgrade is essential for methanol tuning! This methanol O2 sensor is the only one on the market that will read low enough to use for tuning on methanol.

For example, all other existing O2 sensors on the market today only read down as low as 4.0:1, which will not work for tuning methanol. Use of these other O2 sensors that were not designed to tune methanol will eventually lead to engine damage.

BigStuff3 originally developed the methanol upgrade specifically for Moran Motorsports racing use.

Moran Motorsports works closely with BigStuff3 doing research & development so that our customers get the newest technology before their competitors. Our connection with BigStuff3 allow us to sell thoroughly tested EFI systems to our customers.

If you need this added to your existing BS3 system, you will need to send us your system. This upgrade usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Price: $1,800.00
SKU: BS3-005-017