BigStuff3 BS3-005-013 GEN3 PRO SEFI - C.O.P based 2-Step & ETM & DAE Upgrades


This package upgrade adds the 2-Step starting line control system, the ETM Traction Control, and the DAE upgrade to coil-on-plug (C.O.P.) based BS3 systems.

This upgrade package includes:

2-Step starting line control system.

ENGINE TORQUE MANAGEMENT (ETM) - The (ETM) Traction Control upgrade utilizes a cylinder (spark) cut-off strategy to control drive shaft speed for an eight (8) second time period using a patent pending, 32 level torque management control algorithm. This system works in conjunction with the BS3 2 & 3-Step starting line control system.

The DAE (Data Acquisition Externally) option allows you to record external conditions that the E.F.I. does not directly read:

  • Driveshaft RPM
  • EGT (Exhaust Gas temperature)
  • Fuel pressure
  • Oil pressure
  • MPH over time
  • Oil-pan vacuum
  • Turbo back-pressure
  • Automatic Transmission Line Pressure
  • Gforce Acceleration Meter.

If you need this added to your existing BS3 system, you will need to send us your system. This upgrade usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Price: $765.00
SKU: BS3-005-013