BigStuff3 BS3-005-008 GEN3 PRO SEFI - Distributor based 2&3-step with ETM upgrade


This package upgrade adds the 2-step & 3-step starting line control system and the ETM Traction Control to distributor based BS3 systems.

This package upgrade includes:

2-Step & 3-Step starting line control system.

ENGINE TORQUE MANAGEMENT (ETM) - The (ETM) Traction Control upgrade utilizes a cylinder (spark) cut-off strategy to control drive shaft speed for an eight (8) second time period using a patent pending, 32 level torque management control algorithm. This system works in conjunction with the BS3 2 & 3-Step starting line control system.
What the System Includes and its Capabilities

  • An Engine Torque Management Module [not included (not required) with GEN3 coil-on-plug systems].
  • The ETM Harness.
  • Imbedded control software to control engine torque. The following user defined, system control and configuration tables, located in the main tool bar under “Torque Management”:
  • A “Three-Shooter” timing retard control system. This feature helps control engine torque during the critical period between the vehicle launch, through the one-two gear shift. *Note: May not be implemented in all firmware. A six-shooter and twelve shooter retard system is available as an option. Call BigStuff3 for details.
  • An integrated two-step and optional three-step rev limit controller. The system never misfires the same cylinder two times consecutively, resulting in more uniform EGT’s and higher boost while staging.
  • Extended Data Acquisition “Replay” parameters (described in more detail below) to capture the following events:
    • A Misfire Flag to indicate where in time the ETM system was active (MisFire).
    • A Misfire Counter to count the total number of mis-fire events during the eight (8) second run (MisfireCtr).
    • Torque Reduction Stage indicator (TorqRdStg). o TISS Speed – Displays the desired driveshaft RPM.
    • TOSS Speed – Displays the actual driveshaft RPM.

Note: With the ETM functionality the “Replay Mode” is now “Extended Mode”, which means there are an additional 12 variables/flags that are now part of the Replay for the traction control.

If you need this added to your existing BS3 system, you will need to send us your system. This upgrade usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Price: $675.00
SKU: BS3-005-008