AMS 1000 Boost Controller



NLR Systems AMS-1000 Boost Controller

The AMS-1000 is the secret the top teams are using and now it is available to you!

NLR is the leader in forced induction technology. The latest development is this controller. This controller does what others wish they could do. This unit will out perform ANY controller on the market! This unit can also be purchased to upgrade a current MSBC-1 set up. Take advantage of the latest technology from NLR!

The quickest and fastest bikes, cars, snowmobiles and boats in the world use BOOST CONTROL FROM NLR. Think about it....engineered and designed to control boost on 600hp street tire(6 inch contact patch), no wheelie bar bikes that run mid 7's @200+mph in the 1/4 mile. Imagine what it can do for you !

No limit on boost pressure....the AMS will control as much as your system can produce!

Flexibility, Accuracy, and Precise Control. (Supercharged, turbocharged or anything controlled by air)

Proven track record in professional competition.
User friendly and Great for Street Applications.
Exclusive NLR "Forward Feedback Technology".
Fast 50-Mhz Processor with Enhanced Timer sub-system.
128x64 Graphical LCD Display.
Intuitive & User Friendly Graphical user Interface.

■Compact Billet Aluminum Enclosure.
■Latest FLASH memory technology for future software upgrades.
■Wide range of MAP Sensors supported. 30psi, 60psi and 100psi.
■Launch boost control programmable to range of sensor.
■Scramble input, increase boost with the press of a button.
■Reduce input, decrease boost level without lifting the throttle.
■Launch, Shift, Scramble, and Reduce inputs can be configured for +12V or Ground Activation. No More RELAYS!
■Graph view of Current Setup.
■Integrated Data Logger with Graph View.

length=4.350 width 2.85 high=1.00 wieght= 12 oz.

Multiple Operating Modes:
■Time Based, 1 to 6 stages fully programmable.
■Shift Based, 1 to 6 stages fully programmable.
■GPS(Gear Position Sensor), 1 to 6 positions with Setup Wizard.
■Programmable Ramp Rate for each stage, 0-100psi per second.
■Ability to Ramp Boost Level back down to adjust for track conditions.
■Dual channel, Auxiliary channel may also be used for Live Boost monitoring, data logging.

Racer Price $950.00 (price increase 07/14/10)
Includes AMS-1000 Control Unit, 60 psi sensor with lead, Harness, and Control Solenoids

Price: $950.00
SKU: AMS-1000
AMS-1000 Manual1.16 MB