250LB Moran "Mini" M.A.X. Injector (M1 & E85 Compatible)

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250lb/hr / 2600cc  Moran "Mini" M.A.X. Series Injector (M1 Compatible)

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250lb/hr at 3 Bar / 2600cc at 43.5PSI
PART# MRE202501
Static Flow Rate = 250 lb/hr
Impedence = Low
Base Fuel Pressure Setting = 43.5 PSI
Base injector = 60mm

Mini MAX Flow Rates
Moran "Mini" M.A.X.™ Series Injectors
The Gold Standard in Racing Injection

  • New Moran M.A.X.™ Series Injectors (Maximum, Atomized, Xtreme (pat. pending)
  • This "Mini" M.A.X. injector works with most fuel except fuels that contain MTBE.
  • The "Mini" M.A.X. are compatible with E85 and M1.  Not for use with Q.
  • Comes with an EV1 plug.
  • Race proven to be very durable, reliable and consistent
  • Finely atomized spray pattern yields better idle and more horsepower and prevents milky and diluted engine oil

Please call or email us if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to assist you in any way. 

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Filter - CAUTION - It is Mandatory to use a 10 Micron filter with our MRE Injectors. You must run a 10 micron filter between the injectors and the fuel pump tank.
- For GAS Users: Moran Motorsports recommends & sells Weldon 10 Micron fuel filters.
- For METHANOL Users: Moran Motorsports offers a 10 Micron stainless steel methanol safe filter with assembly.

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